We are exporter of differnet home decorative products.

  • Established in: 2018
  • Bussiness Type: Limited Liability Partnership
  • Business Activities: Merchant
  • MSME: Yes
  • Countries exporting to: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, India, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
  • Export Turnover (3 years): US$1,000,000 – US$5,000,000
  • Countries would like to export to: India
  • No of employees: 1-10

Advantages and USP

“USP & OUR STRENGTH” ►Our Plant is completely from Sacmi, Italy... therefore quality would never be a question for the customers from any profile. Here The Press, the Kiln, the Spray Dryer etc. belong to Sacmi only. To produce our tile, we use High grade Imported Raw material & that to 40% from International market & rest 60% from Indian market. ► Our plant is equipped with the press PH- 5211 (The Latest version). ► Sez uses good amount of Irany Clay & Zirconium to achieve good brightness. ►Our Product has an Excellent Brightness (L Value) along with Excellent Brilliancy (Gloss Value). ► Our Tiles carries Excellent surface hardness (6.5+ as per Mohs scale). ► The MOR / Load bearing capacity / Bending Strength of our Tile is 420+ cm2 in normal double loading tiles, while our Out Door Tiles with 10MM thickness bears the capacity of 450+ cm2. ► Our Product has very good Anti Scaling Property and the water absorption of each tile is .03% ► Our tile has low porosity & it is chemical resistant by nature that’s why No Footmark appearance can be finding out / seen. ► As far as Surface is related, it is 100% flat with no size variation & diagonal +/- .3 mm. ► The Firing temperature of Kiln through which our tile passes by is around 12250C & maintained. ► We use only "IMPORTED BODY STAIN" which is from ITACA & ITACA stands parallel to any other "A" Grade company in the world of COLOURS.


PRODUCT INNOVATION : - To offer superior quality and New designs with wide range, we have entered the market by using the best technology. We believe in continuous R & D and always eager to offer revolutionary range of products to facilitate each segment of society with complete services & will remain our focused attention. Today’s ceramic market is highly competitive; quality is prime requirement of the market. Each & every customer is demanding new designs & wide ranges along with high quality. To offer high level quality & new designs wide range to market, we are coming with best technology in this field. To produce the high quality tiles with superior worth, we are using superior quality raw materials. And having our own imported highly equipped laboratory to provide superior quality of tiles and testing all raw materials with high class lab equipment. Because we believe in continuous R&D and eager to offer revolutionary range of products to our respected clients. In this segment we have innovated new back part feeder designs; which are being demanded with high interest.

Proposals Interested in

Agency Request, Distributorship Request, Contract Manufacturing, Joint Venture, Technology Exchange – Buy, Technology Exchange - Sell

We are mainly looking for importers who want to import ceramic products like Tiles and sanitaryware in his country.